Downtime and major pump repairs are costly and can be minimized with proper maintenance. The Eaton Compressor Extended Lifetime Pump Warranty Program* ensures you receive only the highest quality pump lubrication and filtration kits, on a scheduled basis.

At Eaton Compressor, we refer to our worry-free Extended Lifetime Pump Warranty as our “Preventative Maintenance Initiative” that serves as a regular reminder that your Eaton air compressor requires an oil and filtration change, to ensure it continues to provide years of reliable service.

When you choose the Extended Lifetime Pump Warranty, we’ll send you air filters for both your air compressor, as well as the Whisper 100 Silencer Unit, if applicable, along with our genuine Airbase Industries Whisper Blue Smart Oil so that you have what you need to service your compressor on a scheduled basis.

Why is it called the best warranty in the industry?

If a pump failure occurs at any time during the Extended Lifetime Pump Warranty period, we will send the replacement part required to fix the pump assembly, in order to keep your business running smoothly.

Register your compressor warranty to keep your new air compressor running, reliably, for years to come.