In 1977, Marvin Cain had a dream – to build the most well-constructed and reliable air compressors in the industry, supported by a commitment to exceptional customer service after the sale. Marvin and Barbara Cain built their new company on Christian principles – handling each transaction with honesty, integrity and a commitment to high-quality and customer satisfaction.

The company’s first headquarters was less than 1,000 square feet, in the basement of a Boston, Indiana Bank building, where Marvin and Barbara worked long hours to grow their new business. The Cains built the company around quality, customer loyalty and the development of innovative and reliable compressed air solutions.

Today, one of Marvin’s sons, Matt Cain, is the President of Eaton Compressor. Matt’s entrepreneurial background and commitment to deliver high quality and innovative products has instilled an enthusiastic team spirit among all employees at Eaton Compressor.

Many US-based competitors in the compressed air industry have out-sourced their manufacturing to foreign countries and this has come at the expense of the American worker and the U.S. economy. Eaton Compressor maintains engineering, service support and manufacturing in the USA. By placing American workers first, and monetary gain second, Matt Cain and the hard-working employees at Eaton Compressor have built a world class manufacturing and distribution business, supported by patented breakthrough solutions in the air compressorindustry, all while providing high paying jobs in America’s Heartland.

From our humble beginnings in 1977 to our current 60,000 SF manufacturing & distribution facility, located in Englewood, Ohio, just outside of Dayton, Eaton Compressor now sells air compressor, including both rotary screw air compressors, as well as piston air compressors, to thousands of businesses across North America. And all of our products are backed by one of the most aggressive warranties in the business, because we know that each air compressor we manufacturer is built to exacting standards and undergoes rigorous quality control checks, before we ship it off to our customer.

We appreciate your interest in our business and our products. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving you!